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NanoCarrier (4571)

Securities Code
TYO : 4571
Market Capitalization
16,943 million yen


Discovery Development Capital Impact Overall Quartile
2.8 3.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 1

Company profile

New modality technologies to meet unmet medical needs and develop innovative medicines that open up new markets.

Core technology

Platform Technology

NanoCarrier’s micellar nanoparticle technology is a technology that uses biocompatible materials (poly (ethylene glycol) – poly (amino acid)) to encapsulate various substances into nano-sized micelles. Research and development is progressing to create new value by applying this technology as a DDS (Drug Delivery System) to medical field.

New modality : drug delivery platform technology for nucleic acid medicines

This platform enables the targeting of RNAs in cells that cause disease onset, which were considered difficult to target, and enables the provision of therapeutics through new mechanisms that were previously difficult to realise.

We are one of the first in Japan to focus on mRNA drugs and are currently promoting their development. In particular, we are working on developing therapeutic drugs for diseases with high unmet needs, to create new markets.

A physician-initiated phase I trial of a siRNA medicine to treat triple-negative breast cancer, which is refractory cancer, is underway.

With funding from AMED, pre-clinical trials are underway for an mRNA medicine to regenerate knee cartilage and an ASO medicine for glioblastoma, one of the most malignant brain tumours.

Active pipeline

We aim to provide the world with innovative medicines based on new ideas.
We contribute to society by providing new medicines with cutting-edge technology in areas .

VB-111: Provide the new ethical drug for diseases which there are no remedies (unmet need).
Disseminate overseas state-of-the-art technology in Japan.
ENT103: New antibacterial ear drops.
NC-6004: Combination therapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI), which has become a mainstay for cancer treatment.
RUNX1: Development of mRNA therapeutics.