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Oncolys BioPharma

Oncolys BioPharma(4588)

Securities Code
TYO : 4588
Market Capitalization
10,739 million yen


Discovery Development Capital Impact Overall Quartile
3.0 1.6 2.3 2.0 2.0 4


Company profile

We are a drug discovery bio-venture that operates on an R&D-first basis. We develop and commercialise highly original viral gene-modified cancer drugs, drugs for treating severe infectious diseases and cancer testing drugs.


Core technology

We aim to grow as a ‘viral drug discovery company’. Our pipeline comprises the ‘oncology’ area, covering everything from cancer detection to treatment, and the ‘severe infectious diseases’ area, centred on OBP-2011, a therapy for novel coronavirus infections. In the oncology area, we have the therapeutic telomelysin, the next-generation telomelysin OBP-702 and telomescan for the early detection or prediction of cancer recurrence.



  1. hTERT driven: cancer cell specific lysis
  2. Dominant position in esophageal cancer
  3. Synergy with radiation
  4. Abscopal effect and enhanced immune response
  5. Synergy with ICI treatment
  6. Regulatory advantage: “Sakigake” in JP and “Orphan drug” in US


Active pipeline