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Omega Bioscience Index

Please compare both the Index and Scoreboard of the Omega Bioscience Index to see at a glance which stocks to focus on now. Click on Quartile to see the reasons for the grading.

The Index visualises the short-term business momentum of biotech companies, while the Scoreboard visualises the quality of the companies. The scores are calculated by adding and weighing various quantitative and qualitative evaluation items based on company documents readily available to investors and interviews with selected companies.

The Index will be perfected over the next 12 to 15 months and refining will continue. In addition to momentum and business competence, we will add equity valuations while expanding company coverage. We feel that there is much room for enriching discovery assessment and the marketability assessment of products under development in future studies.

Our views on individual companies are as jargon-free as possible to be understood without any knowledge of the sector. If you would like to know more, please see the company descriptions.


The attraction of Japan biotech investment

We believe plenty of innovation and underappreciation of Japanese biotech stocks offer excellent long term investment opportunities. The biotech sector is one of the best industries in terms of global climate risk.


Omega Bioscience Index – a gateway to underrated innovation

  • Japan biotech industry landscape and the position of individual companies at a glance
  • Visualisation of momentum and quality of business
  • Stock valuations support critical investment decisions


Early-stage innovation
  • New product idea
  • Development candidate
  • No of publication
  • No of patent
Pipeline value-up
  • Modality (core, exploratory)
  • Therapeutic Area
  • Program
  • Pre-clinical development
  • Phase 1, 2, 3 preparation
  • Readouts
  • M&A
Growth capital raised
  • Capital raised (PO, rights, bonds)
  • Capital allocation priorities
  • Institutional share purchase
Commercial scaling
  • Revenue stream momentum
  • No. of drug launched
  • Royalty, milestone
  • Scale of clinical benefit

Tabel1:Innovation Index

Click “Quartile” for comments.

Code Company Discovery Development Capital Impact Overall Quartile
4565 Sosei         3.5 1
4571 NanoCarrier         3.0 2
4576 D.Western         2.8 3
4583 Chiome         2.5 4
4584 Kidswell         3.3 1
4587 PeptiDream         4.3 1
4588 Oncolys         2.8 3
4598 Delta-Fly         3.0 2
4978 ReproCELL         3.3 1
  Industry         3.1  

Numerical image of color scheme:(High : 5)~(Low : 1)



Click “Quartile” for comment

Code Company Discovery Development Capital Impact Overall
4565 Sosei           1
4571 NanoCarrier           1
4576 D.Western           2
4583 Chiome           2
4584 Kidswell           2
4587 PeptiDream           1
4588 Oncolys           4
4598 Delta-Fly           3
4978 ReproCELL           4
  Industry 2.9 2.5 2.3 2.4 2.5  
Weight 10% 50% 20% 20%